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"Need Divorce Advice? - Here Are Proven Divorce Strategies and Divorce Tips You Won't Find Anywhere Else!"

Divorce Tips, Strategies and Practical Divorce Advice for Getting a Divorce.   Take Control of Your Divorce and Save Thousands
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Divorce Ammo - Divorce Strategies and Divorce Tips

The Truth About Divorce:

Getting a Divorce?  Divorce can either give you a new lease on life or it can leave you in financial and emotional ruin for years. "How" you divorce will have a major impact on the rest of your life. What you need are proven insider tips and strategies to help you avoid making costly mistakes during your divorce. Divorce Ammo gives you the proven divorce tips and divorce strategies that will enable you to take control of your divorce quickly and easily. Reduce stress, spend less, and take control. This is all the divorce help you will ever need.  This is the best reference you will find on How to Divorce.

Let's face it, the only people who benefit from divorce are the attorneys. Divorce attorneys are making a killing with today's high divorce rate. That's why you won't learn these proven divorce tips and strategies from the legal community any time soon. Divorce Ammo finally exposes the divorce tips and divorce strategies that will allow you take control of your divorce and save you thousands in legal fees, spousal and child support.  This will be the most important book you have ever read about divorce!

Don't Make the Same Mistakes Others Have Made!

Its human nature to make mistakes, however, in divorce proceedings, mistakes are very costly!  Now you can learn from those who have experienced the ups and downs first hand. The divorce tips and strategies in this ebook will enable you to avoid making the same costly mistakes others have made and give you a leg up throughout the entire process.

By avoiding just one costly mistake, you could potentially save thousands on your divorce or alimony payments.

How can I help you?

I've been there.  I know how hard it is to go through a divorce or separation. My divorce was one of the most stressful life events I have every experienced. Along each step of the way I felt helpless and alone not knowing what to expect next. Like others before me, I spent countless hours doing research in hopes of better educating myself on the divorce process. However, my research turned up nothing more than legal jargon or simple common sense divorce advice that gave me no added value

Looking back at my divorce, I made many costly mistakes along the way. If I knew then, what I know now, things would have gone much differently. The divorce tips and strategies that are in this ebook, would have allowed for less stress, less money spent on attorney fees, less spousal support, protected my children from the process, and allowed me to have been much more in control.

Throughout my divorce, I documented every aspect of the experience in hopes of one day being able to help others with their divorces. I also began talking with friends and family who also had gone through divorces. I was surprised to learn they too went through similar experiences and made the same mistakes.

After years of research, and countless interviews with others who have been through the divorce process, I’ve created the perfect source of divorce tips and divorce strategies.  All based on first hand knowledge of the divorce process from those who experienced it first hand.  This is the divorce help ebook everyone is looking for.

Warning Spouse Hiding MoneyWarning: Your Spouse May be Hiding Money During Your Divorce!
Hiding money (or other assets) during a divorce is illegal and unethical. Never the less it’s much more common than you think.  Your spouse may be trying to lower child support and/or alimony payments by hiding assets?  Learn to identify the signs and uncover the hidden assets to protect you and your children.  Divorce Ammo exposes common and uncommon tactics used to hide money and other marital assets.  Get access to what is legally yours! 

Divorce Ammo is a collection of powerful divorce tips, strategies, and expert advice.  This is all based on real life experiences and first hand knowledge of the divorce process.

The 'All New 3rd Edition' of Divorce Ammo now has Even More Divorce Tips and Divorce Strategies:

      • Understand the Overall Divorce Process for the best advice on How to Divorce
      • Learn the Ins and Outs of the legal System
      • Learn the Best Ways to Find the Right Family Attorney
      • All States are Not Alike - State Specific Laws
      • Men Vs. Woman and How Each Approach Divorce
      • Top 5 Things to Do If Divorce is Imminent
      • Top 5 Things NOT to Do If Divorce is Imminent
      • What the Court Says, Goes - Playing within the rules, or not
      • Adultery (Cheaters and Cheating)
      • The Children - Understand how Divorce Affects your Children
      • The Problem With Hiding Marital Problems from the Children
      • Strategies for Not Putting the Children in the Middle
      • Divorce Strategies for Child Support
      • Direct Payroll Deductions for Support Payments
      • Your Money - Tips and Strategies on How to Keep it
      • Tips and Strategies to Save Thousands on Attorney Fees
      • How Keeping Good Records can Save You Money
      • Medical Expenses - What will You or Your Ex Have to Pay
      • Common Techniques People Use to Hide Money
      • Understanding What to Look for in Tax Returns
      • Strategies and Advice for Dealing with an Emotional Spouse
      • Dealing with a Narcissist During Divorce
      • It Doesn’t Happen Overnight - Understanding How Long the Process Takes
      • Counseling Advice
      • I'm Divorced, What Next?
      • And much more

What they don't tell you about divorce

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Divorce Ammo has been helping people for years.  Read a few of the many testimonials from those who have taken advantage of the tips and strategies exposed by Divorce Ammo!

"The third edition is your best so far.  Keep up the good work"
Theresa Norton - Bethlehem, PA

"My divorce had been ongoing for over 2 years when I purchased your book. I only wish I had found this 2 years ago. This was very helpful even in the last stages of the divorce. Thank you for your help."
Tricia Johnston- New York, NY

"The information in your book helped me work better with my attorney and I know it saved me a lot of money in the long run.  Thanks for the divorce help."
Linda Paris- Houston, TX

"Thank you for helping me with my divorce. The divorce tips you outline, saved me thousands in legal fees. I would recommend your book to anyone going through a divorce."
Robert Smidt- Red Bank, NJ

"Divorce Ammo made me aware of some of the tactics my Ex was using during our divorce. I was able to go into the process with my eyes wide open."
Mark Vaccaro- Norfolk, VA

"I was dealing with a partner who showed classic signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  You outlined many effective techniques which helped me maintain my self esteem and take back control of my divorce"
Nicole Lee- Boston, MA

"This book cost as much, if not less, than what you would spend to buy a pizza. But, a pizza won't give you the divorce tips and strategies that will save you thousands on your divorce."
Joe Penny- West Palm Beach, FL

"The attorney consultation information alone was very helpful. Not to mention the divorce strategies listed in Divorce Ammo that helped me be aware of tactics my ex was using during our divorce. I simply can't thank you enough."
Amanda Shokey- Easton, PA

To make this offer even better, I'm adding a FREE bonus ebook which uncovers even more of the common tactics used to hide money and other assets during a divorce.

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Divorce Hiding Money

Protect yourself by learning the tactics and understand the signs used to hide money and assets during a divorce.

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FREE Report


Narcissist NPD

A narcissist's emotional abuse towards a spouse escalates during divorce.The abused spouses can minimize the impact of abuse by learning the tactics and games narcissists play.

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"FREE Attorney Consultation Questions"

Use these questions during your initial consultation with attorneys to help you find the right attorney for your needs.

Divorce Attorney Consoltation Questions

We've put together a comprehensive list of questions to help you find the right attorney to represent you during your divorce.


"FREE Divorce Budget Worksheet"

Divorce Ammo - Free Budget Worksheets

Simple and easy divorce budget worksheets to help you manage your money during and after your divorce.


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